How To Secure Grill From Wind?

For people who love grilled food, their grill can bring them lots of happiness. The device helps them to make their favorite meal any time they want. How to secure your grill from the wind? We will provide you with the best tips to secure the grill from the wind.

Let’s get right into the details!

How To Secure Grill From Wind

Step 1: Seach for heavy things such as heavy rocks, wooden blocks, or sandbags to anchor your grill’s wheels in place.

Step 2: Choose a specific grill cover that fits your grill’s model to protect it

Step 3: Find the best spot to anchor your grill nearby

Secure your grill on windy days is not difficult. It’s a very simple task. But some of you might wonder why you need to take these steps. Or else, you don’t know why you need to secure your grill on windy days.

To answer these questions, you should have known that if your grill isn’t secured, it can cause trouble.

For instance, there are many accidents had been reported in the past because of unsecured grills. Most of the grills will have wheels and if you don’t secure them. They then will roll around without people’s control and then cause damage.

How To Secure Grill From Wind

Using straps to secure your grill cover

Your grills can roll and hit something else outside of your house. There are cases that grills can roll into the street while there were high winds.

As you can see, secure and anchor your grill are pretty important. It will protect your grill from harsh conditions and prevent trouble to happen.

Now, let’s move to the next part and find more information about how to secure your grill.

Step 1: Look for heavy things such as heavy rocks, wooden blocks, or sandbags to anchor your grill’s wheels in place

The first thing you need to do is look for heavy things that can keep your grill’s wheels from rolling. This step is very important. If you do it correctly, you can avoid many unwanted problems.

As for heavy things, there are many things that you can consider. We suggest wooden blocks, large and heavy rocks. Or if you don’t have these things,  you can pick up heavy paint cans to anchor your grill’s wheels.

In reality, you can choose whatever you want to use. Just keep in mind that your goal is pretty simple. You need heavy things to ensure that your grill won’t move on windy days.

You should ensure doing this step carefully too. If the winds are too strong, there are high chances your grill will fly up. And the winds will damage your equipment in very bad ways.

Step 2: Choose a specific grill cover to protect your grill

This step is essential too. Because we believe that no one wants the outside of their grill to be damaged in harsh weather.

Even not on windy days, you always have to use a grill cover to protect the device from the rain. In the case of strong winds, you will need the cover to protect your equipment too.

Usually, when buying a grill, the manufacturers will give you a specific cover for the model. But if you don’t have one, you should go and get a cover now. Pay attention to your device’s model and choose the best cover that fits your device.

But on windy days, you will find it might be too hard to keep the cover in place. If the winds are strong enough, they can flow up your cover.

Don’t worry, keep on reading. Because the next part, we will show you how to secure your cover in windy conditions.

Grill on windy days

Grill on windy days

Step 3: Find the best spot to anchor your grill nearby

The last step is finding the best and secured spot for your grill. Securing your device nearby a place is the best way to protect your grill from windy conditions.

You can choose and use a rope to tie your grill near the deck or porch.

But make sure that the grill is far from your house at least for three feet. In case that the wind can knock it off and make it fly into your house.

How Do You Grill With Windy Conditions?

Step 1: Ensure that you tuck the cover under the lid carefully

While using the cover, make sure that you have completely tucked the cover under the lid. To do this, you just need to place the cover on top of your grill. After that, you can begin lifting the grill’s sides and tuck the cover’s edges in it.

If you do like what we mentioned, it should be secured enough. But just to make sure, check the cover again.

Step 2: Use powerful magnets to keep the cover in place

If you still scare that the winds can blow up the cover. You can use additional magnets to anchor it in place.

What you need is just additional tools (magnets). You can cover your grill like what you did every day. Then place the magnets on top of your grill.

It should do its job and keep your cover in place.

Using tools to secure your grill’s wheels

Using tools to secure your grill’s wheels

Step 3: Add more guard clamps to protect the cover if you want

This step is optional. But if you live in areas with very harsh conditions, then you should do this extra step. Using the cover to wrap around your cover securely. After that, use suitable guard clamps and attach them to the covers.

Keep Yourself Safe In While Grilling In Windy Conditions

  • Pay attention to your surroundings while grilling. You should know how to put the fire off in windy conditions too. It can help prevent injury if the fire goes wrong.
  • If there are strong winds with dry weather, stop using the grill immediately.  There are dangerous conditions. They can harm your grill and yourself badly if you don’t stop using them.
  • You should use a gas or electronic grill to grill in windy conditions. They can keep the fire even and reduce potential harm.


We hope that after reading this article, you will know how to secure your grill and its cover on windy days. Also, you can still grill in windy conditions, just remember to take extra care about your equipment. We hope that you find this article helpful.

Thank you for reading!

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