10+ Best Smoker For Brisket In 2024: Taste Better, Not Hurt Your Purse

There are many types of smokers creating their own flavors, and each choice comes with its pros and cons. Although it is quite difficult to choose the best smoker for brisket because it depends on the taste and preference of brisket enthusiasts. But there are some outstanding products that we will mention below.

How to choose the best smokes for ribs?

The best smoker for brisket needs to fully meet the needs of users. First of all, consider your cooking ability and taste requirements. If you are very attentive to the scent and delicacy of the dish, Charcoal, and Wood pellets are the most suitable. Because they would give a distinctive smoking flavor to your brisket.

However, if you are an entry-level cooker, it is difficult to get good control over the fire and temperature with wood-pellet grills. You should make a switch to propane or electric smokers for ease of use. These products have a variety of auto functions to help with your cooking.

Before deciding on your best smoker for brisket, here are the factors you should take into consideration.

Type and size

If you want to grill a whole rib, this will require a large heavy-duty smoker. If you want to cook chopped ribs only, maybe a portable-style smoker is the best. Besides, your cooking space is also important to consider to limit the appropriate options.


With electric and propane-powered smokers, it’s easy to find their performance. However, smokers that run on charcoal and wood pellets require a good source of raw materials. The combustion fuel quality will greatly determine the performance of the smokers. For these types, you should give preference to smokers that can work with a range of charcoal or wood of different sizes.

Temperature control

Most smokers have a function to adjust the fire and multiple heat levels. Electric smokers are the easiest to have for novice cooks. The next one for easy usage is a pellet wood grill. And many would say smokers charcoal is a challenge that every cook wants to conquer.

Easy to use – Easy to clean

Cleaning duty can be a pain to anyone, and if you do not fancy doing the dish then you should choose electric smokers. It doesn’t take much time and effort to clean up. Because you can take out the parts and put them all in a dishwasher.

The most stubborn stains are those of a charcoal smoker caused by ash. This type is for outdoor use only. It takes up quite an extended space so it would best fit in your garden or terrace.


When you choose to buy brisket, you should concern warranty policy. As you know, for a period of one to five years, some warranty plans include labor as well as parts coverage. There are divisions and some manufacturers even back their goods with lifelong warranties. Never ignore the fine print in a grill’s warranty.

Although components fail more frequently over shorter periods, some manufacturers only cover specific components, while others do so for a lengthy time.

How do you smoke the perfect brisket?

For a perfect brisket, the smoking technique is very important. When it comes to smoking, you can either make it or break it. So how to deliver perfect smoking for your brisket?

First of all, take the time to prepare and marinate the ribs carefully. The smoking techniques are not too difficult but will require a bit of your attention.


The position of the ribs inside your smoker

You should always place the fat side face down, and keep it straight in the smoker grate. if possible, keep it in the middle or upper racks, which is to avoid direct and strong exposure to the heat source.

Maintain correct temp and smoking time

For whole ribs, you should keep the temperature at 180 – 200°F for more than 6 hours, it can be up to 8 hours for large ribs. Good food takes time, so you need some patience here.

You should not open the lid of the smoker during this time, as it is not good for keeping heat and smoke. And smoke retention is the key to your excellent brisket. You can keep track of the temp thanks to the thermostat. And most smokers have see-through doors for you to visually check the look of your ribs.

Further smoking may be needed

After cooking at 200°F for 8 hours, you take the rib out and tenderize it with the beef broth for better tenderness. This is the secret to adding more flavors and making the brisket richer and well-seasoned. You would mix the broth with spices and herbs according to your recipe and preference and then tenderize the ribs.

It’s best to put the ribs and broth in the pan and let the temperature on at 150°F for another 30 minutes. After that, you can take it out and have a taste.

Review Top 10 Best smoker for Briskets in 2023

Product imagesProduct namesProduct HighlightsEditor's ratingPrice
Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal Smoker1. Size: two types 16 inches or 20 inches
2. Fuel: Charcoal
3. Weight: 27 pounds
4. Material: Porcelain-coated body for durability and ease of cleaning
5. Capacity: sufficient for large chicken and medium ribs at once
4.9 (best seller)
Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical 18" Charcoal Smoker1. Fuel: Charcoal
2. Size: 18 inches
3. Weight: 25 Pounds
4. Cooking capacity: 2 adjustable racks (it can hold six racks of ribs, or 2 large chickens)
4.9 (best seller)
Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36" Vertical LP Gas Smoker1. Fuel: Propane and gasoline (Dual mode)
2. Cooking capacity: 4 racks (each rack could hold a total of 25 pounds of food)
3. Material: steel body for durability
Smoke Hollow PS40B Propane Smoker1. Four chrome-coated smoking racks
2. 15, 400 BTU stainless Steel burner
3. Push-button ignition lights burner quickly and easily
4. Legs add height for easy access
5. Adjustable Air damper for moisture and smoke control
Masterbuilt MB20070421 30-inch Digital Electric Smoker1. Cooking capacity: 711 square inches
2. Weight: 50.3 pounds
3. Maximum temperature: 275˚F
4. Temperature control: precise thermostat
Char-Broil 17202004 Digital Electric Smoker1. Weight: 50.2 Pounds
2. Material: classic and luxurious look with glass door and stainless steel
3. Cooking capacity: 725 square inches
4. Features: Portable thermostat
Royal Gourmet SE2801 Electric Smoker1. Power: 1500-watt heating power
2. Cooking capacity: 457.86 sq. inches (3 adjustable racks)
3. Weight: 48.5 Pounds
4. Material: Aluminum frame
Z GRILLS Wood Pellet Smoker, 700sq in 8-1 BBQ Grill1. Weight: 57.5 Pounds
2. Body material: stainless steel
3. Cooking capacity: 4 racks
Z Grills ZPG-7002F2 2021 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker1. Weight: 60 pounds
2. Fuel: wood
3. Functions: Smoker and grill
4. Cooking capacity: 184 square inches

Best Propane Smokers For brisket

1. Smoke Hollow PS40B

Important Specifications

  • Fuel: propane (with fuel gauge to detect when the fuel running low for refilling)
  • Cooking capacity: 8 ribs at the same time
  • Temperature control: a sensor for precise heat level

Product’s highlights

It comes with 4 trays and well accommodates 8 ribs or 16 chickens at once. We opt for this product to meet the needs of large gatherings. It is perfect for any entry-level cooks as they have no trouble controlling the cooking functions of this one. Besides, the temperature sensor delivers an excellent job to maintain and adjust the heat according to your cookbooks.

What We Like

  • Smart heat sensor
  • A shutoff valve for ultimate safety
  • Tank fuel indicator
  • Large capacity for extended family use
  • Sturdy design
  • Attached wheels for easy moving

Things to Consider

  • It is quite fully functional so you need to spend a little time studying the manual.
  • Quite big to fit in a city house

Bottom line

Consumers often complain about the gas smell when using propane smokers. However, Smoke Hollow PS40B does the smoking just right and eliminates even the lightest scents of the chemicals. The best part of this smoker is the patented thermostat allowing users to set and monitor temp. And they can take their eyes off the cooking duty as the Smoke Hollow PS40B would take care of everything.

2. Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP

Important Specifications

  • Fuel: Propane and gasoline (Dual mode)
  • Cooking capacity: 4 racks (each rack could hold a total of 25 pounds of food)
  • Material: steel body for durability

Product’s highlights

It is the best smoker for brisket as Dyna-Glo ensures such a genuine smoking flavor to the ribs Another excellent feature is that you can adjust the racks to fit many types of food. Other smokers would fix the trays which is an inconvenience if you want to grill a whole big turkey. Besides, it is the best budget choice, no one can deny the amazing deal they have with Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP.

What We Like

  • Attractive price
  • 4 large capacity and adjustable racks
  • Lightweight but very durable
  • Electronic ignition to start cooking in a very short time
  • Precise temperature gauge

Things to Consider

  • It does not come with a hook to hang meat.

Bottom line

This product helps you to take the cooking experience to the next level. Users get two dampers at the top and side of the smoker to customize the temperature and smoking flavor of their food. Besides, many would want to thank the additional handles to ensure the safety of hands. So users can open the smoker easily without accidentally burning their skin.

Best Charcoal Smokers For brisket

3. Cuisinart COS-118

Important Specifications

  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Size: 18 inches
  • Weight:  25 Pounds
  • Cooking capacity: 2 adjustable racks (it can hold six racks of ribs, or 2 large chickens)

Product’s highlights

Ever since QQB became a ritual for a family get-together, owning charcoal has prevailed and brought us many benefits. This smoker works well with both charcoal and wood chips. So you do not worry much about finding the fuel.

Cuisinart COS-118 features a thermometer on its lid to keep track of the temperature. Which greatly aids users to adjust and add more wood chunks if needed.

What We Like

  • Perfect for home use
  • Deliver an excellent smokey taste
  • Portable and compact style
  • Easy to use
  • Side door for ease of access

Things to Consider

  • It can get hot when you take out the food.
  • You need to have experience in burning and keeping the fire to use a charcoal type

Bottom line

Cuisinart brilliantly caters to family and friend meetings. You get plenty of room for all grilled dishes. Also, this comes from a very trusted and long-standing brand. They back you up for 3 years of warranty. Therefore, it is definitely worth owning one Cuisinart COS-118.

4. Char-Broil Bullet Charcoal Smoker

Important Specifications

  • Size: two types 16 inches or 20 inches
  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Material: Porcelain-coated body for durability and ease of cleaning
  • Capacity: sufficient for large chicken and medium ribs at once

Product’s highlights

At first sight, the product first impresses with the ceramic glazed body. It is really durable and maintains its quality over time. With this smoker, users can prepare a barbecue for 10 people or more. It’s also a good size to carry around for picnics.

What We Like

  • Good airflow regulation through an innovative valve
  • Durable over time
  • Capacity is enough for daily family use
  • 1-year warranty on all components
  • Great for splendid smoking flavor
  • Easy to take out the ash pan
  • Adjustable grates

Things to Consider

  • Need a little more work cleaning
  • The lid does not close perfectly

Bottom line

Both amateurs and professional chefs will appreciate the subtle smoky flavor of dishes baked with this smoker. Once you’ve started and maintained the embers, you won’t need to keep an eye on this very often. And what is really impressive is its large capacity for parties of up to 10-15 adults. Consumers who buy with quintessential taste in mind should choose a Char-Broil.

Best Electric Smokers For brisket

5. Masterbuilt MB20070421

Important Specifications

  • Cooking capacity: 711 square inches
  • Weight: 50.3 pounds
  • Maximum temperature: 275 F
  • Temperature control: precise thermostat

Product’s highlights

The product is highly appreciated by users for its ease of use. They can control everything thanks to the handy digital panel. The functions are clear and show the time and temperature for the user to take the lead in the kitchen.

You can have a whole turkey and lots of ribs to grill at the same time. A better point of this product is its ability to retain heat and keep smoke inside well. Thus, your dish is infused with a very distinctive and delicious smoky flavor.

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • Soft and delicious food
  • The air damper can be adjusted to only open to keep the smoke inside
  • There is a tray on the bottom to catch food drippings
  • The thermostat is working correctly
  • Suitable for events like weddings, thanksgiving
  • There are hooks to hang food, sausages…

Things to Consider

  • Some doors do not close tightly, which affects the internal temperature and the accuracy of the thermostat.
  • There should be door handles so that users can avoid burns when opening the smoker

Bottom line

Masterbuilt offers the best smoker brisket with competitive advantages of large capacity and universal ease of use. Moreover, it also costs much less than other smokers. You can buy the Masterbuilt electric smoker at half the price of the pellet grill.

6. Char-Broil 17202004

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 50.2 Pounds
  • Material: classic and luxurious look with glass door and stainless steel
  • Cooking capacity: 725 square inches
  • Features: Portable thermostat

Product’s highlights

The thoughtful construction of the product gives it sustainability and an elegant look. Modern users quickly become familiar with the features of the easy-to-read LED display and step-by-step instructions to aid the cooking duty.

Removable and portable thermostats are a breakthrough design because you can control the temperature from a distance. Another good point is that smoke-sealed door technology does an excellent job of keeping the smoke inside and enriching the flavor of the dish.

What We Like

  • Quality smoked briskets
  • Very user-friendly
  • There are 4 adjustable racks
  • Durable and elegant body material
  • The thermostat shows correctly

Things to Consider

  • Smaller capacity than some similar products

Bottom line

It’s not difficult at all to grill mouth-watering and delicious ribs with this smoker. You just need to season the food and the smoker will do the hardest work for you. Thanks to the anti-fouling material, users do not need to spend a lot of effort on cleaning it. Therefore, they are very satisfied with both the functionality and user-friendliness of this smoker.

7. Royal Gourmet SE2801

Important Specifications

  • Power: 1500-watt heating power
  • Cooking capacity: 457.86 sq. inches (3 adjustable racks)
  • Weight: 48.5 Pounds
  • Material: Aluminum frame

Product’s highlights

The seal performance of the product makes it better to retain heat and smoke. In addition, the excellent heat retention is thanks to a dual-wall firebox structure. In addition, the multi-functional versatility puts this product at the top of the best smoker for brisket.

Even entry-level cooks can quickly catch up with the functions of the smoker as in the cooking guide. They easily follow the recipe and adjust temp to have rare and medium-cooked meat depending on their preferences.

What We Like

  • Easy to adjust the temperature
  • Good heat retention
  • 2-side handles to move to the outdoor locations
  • High power
  • Secure latch system
  • Very good price for durability and diverse features

Things to Consider

  • The thermostat may not display the temperature correctly
  • The handle should be made of insulating material

Bottom line

For the price, this product is the best smoker for brisket for less than $150. Its quality and effective features exceed the expectations of users. It plays the role of a smoker well and can become an oven too. Many users have had great success with sausages and dried fruits.

8. Bradley Smoker BTDS76P

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 57.5 Pounds
  • Body material: stainless steel
  • Cooking capacity: 4 racks

Product’s highlights

Investing in delicious food and quintessential taste is always the right choice. Bradley is a well-loved and trusted brand due to the quality of its products and its globally recognized smoke box solutions.

The product’s stainless steel body and internal structure eliminate ash and keep the smoke pure for the dish. In addition, it is also easy to clean and store.

What We Like

  • Easy to use
  • No need to babysit the smoker
  • Great grilled food taste
  • Good vent valve
  • Simple to clean

Things to Consider

  • Should have wheels or handles for easy movement
  • Expensive

Bottom line

Making delicious dishes is no longer a difficult task with this smoker. Moreover, the ask reduction system will make the taste of the dish more delicate and richer for your liking. If you don’t have much experience in adjusting smoke and temp, let the smoker do the job for you.

Best Wood Pellet Grills For brisket

9. Traeger Grills Ranger Grill

Important Specifications

  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Fuel: wood
  • Functions: Smoker and grill
  • Cooking capacity: 184 square inches

Product’s highlights

The high capacity of the product is great for everyday and holiday needs. It has a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Celsius, which is more than double that of electric or gasoline smokers. In addition, users benefit from dual functionality, grill, and smoker, in one product.

What We Like

  • Products are backed for 1 year
  • Easy to clean
  • Porcelain-coated grill
  • LED display shows the exact temperature and cooking time

Things to Consider

  • More expensive than similar products
  • Only 1 grill rack

Bottom line

When you need simplicity and versatility, Traeger Grills Ranger Grill will be your best choice. The product does not have a large cooking capacity, but it can sufficiently serve a family of 7-8 members. Besides, an undeniable advantage is that it is easy to clean thanks to the porcelain coating technology.

10. Z Grills ZPG

Important Specifications

  • Cooking capacity: 700 square inches
  • Weight: 84 Pounds
  • Temperature: 160°F to 450°F
  • Fuel: wood, electric, and liquefied gas

Product’s highlights

Users can enjoy the wonderful flavors of baked foods with this versatile product. It can do great functions of baking, roasting, braising, smoking…

In addition, users are also spared from worrying about overheating or overcooking. Z Grills will precisely adjust the temperature and display the temp in real-time for easy control.

What We Like

  • Built-in wheels
  • Dual functions: grill and smoker
  • Auto temp control
  • Large capacity
  • LED display temperature in real time

Things to Consider

  • Expensive
  • A bit confusing startup procedure

Bottom line

This is the best smoker for brisket in your outdoor parties or gatherings. Besides the impressive capacity, users are also fans of the roasting and braising functions.

It holds up to 20 pounds of pellets and enough to cook for 20 hours. Despite its large body, the smoker is very easy to assemble and has wheels for convenient movement.

Type of smokers for brisket

First of all, you should take a look at the main types of smokers.

Propane Smokers

  • Strong points
    • Easy to use, easy to control the temperature
    • Quite quick to start, preparation time is within 15 minutes
  • Weak points
    • Chemical smell
    • Need frequent checks on gas and temperature

Charcoal Smokers

  • Strong points
    • Excellent flavor, restaurant standard for brisket lovers
    • Kích thÆ°á»›c Ä‘a dạng, easy to find the right smoker that fits customers’ need
    • Authentic smoking taste
  • Weak points
    • Need to pay continuous attention while cooking
    • Require some technique to control fires and temperature

Electric Smokers

  • Strong points
    • The most user-friendly type
    • Do not require to buy fuel or wood
    • Easy to control and sustain temperature
    • Do not have to check very frequently
  • Weak points
    • The taste and flavor are less appealing, it lacks smolder heat to create a smoking taste
    • Do not suitable to create crisp

Wood Pellet Grills

  • Strong points
    • Versatile in styles and sizes
    • Have an actual smoking flavor
    • Cleaning up is easy
    • A very functional, one-for-all solution, it can be a smoker, grill, and oven
  • Weak points
    • It comes at a not-so-cheap price. The average you should spend on a decent one is about 300 to 500 dollars
    • You need both electricity and wood pellets for this to work

FAQs About Best Smoker For Brisket

1. What temp should I smoke brisket?

For all smokers, briskets will taste best if smoked for 6 hours or more and at medium heat. Our professional chefs recommend that the temp should not be over 200°F, as it will make the outside of the ribs very crispy and dry. The best option is 180°F and you are about to spend 8 hours grilling the perfect brisket.

Once the brisket is smoked for 8 hours, you can make it softer and more tender by further smoking for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is done by brewing your brisket with broth, all wrapped in butcher paper, at 150°F.

How to season brisket before smoking?

There are many recipes for making excellent briskets. But one of the most famous recipes comes from Texas. The ingredients should be thoroughly mixed first. You need salt, pepper, and minced garlic, you can add cumin powder. Then, you can mix all of them with a can of beer. That’s the Texas signature.

The next step is to season an even layer on your ribs. An important note is to rest your brisket for more than 1 hour after seasoning. You can recoat it if you opt for a richer taste. Resting time can be up to 6 hours. Then your ribs are ready for smoking.

How long does smoke brisket per pound?

There is a rule for calculating the smoking time for your brisket. First, you need to measure the weight of the ribs. The minimum time should be half of the weight, and the maritime is equal to the weight in pounds.

So, if you have a brisket of 12 pounds. You should grill it for at least 6 hours, at 200°F. And the maximum time should be 12 hours. For me, I would go within 9-10 hours. If you want to shorten the smoking time, you can increase the temp to 275°F at most. You don’t want to go higher than that.

What flavor smoke for brisket?

I often use apple wood for my smoker, as I get plenty of this type in my neighborhood. However, our chefs insist on having oak and pecan wood to work out the impeccable smoking flavors for brisket.

People also advise using hardwood options for the best flavors. The common types of wood for the nice taste of ribs are cherry and maple. And if you like the smell, hickory would greatly improve the sweetness and scent. Luckily, you can buy many hardwood blends for pellet grills online. So finding good wood should not be an inconvenience.

What is the best smoker for brisket?

We hope you found the information useful to choose the best smoker for brisket according to your needs. Electric smokers get rave reviews for their ease of use and variety of sizes. I think for busy people you can choose the electric type to fit their lifestyle.

If grilling is not your routine, but you save it for special occasions, maybe charcoal smokers are for you. Thus, you will get the most authentic taste from the charcoal smoker. A Pellet grill is the all-around option, but it will require you to pay a bit more. It’s worth your investment for the convenience and excellent smoking quality that you get.

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