How to light a gas grill without ignitor? (Hack tips)

Many users consider a gas grill a safer option than a charcoal one. With a full gas tank and an ignitor to light the grill, you can cook for the whole winter.

Actually, using ignitors is the simplest way to start a gas grill. However, there are also other methods to light your grill up beside this one. Don’t worry if you forgot to buy one or your ignitor is broken. The party still goes on with lots of deliciously grilled meat.

So, how to light a gas grill without ignitor? Our instructions and added info will help you be more knowledgeable on the topic.

How to light a gas grill without ignitor?

How To Light A Gas Grill Without Ignitor?

There are three common alternative solutions to using an ignitor:

  • Light the grill manually
  • Use an automatic starter
  • Troubleshoot the gas grill

How Do You Manually Light A Propane Grill?

You have to open the lid when lighting the grill.

You have to open the lid when lighting the grill

You can start the gas grill manually if your ignitor is not working. Our thorough guide below shows you how to do it safely.

  • Open the lid of your grill.
  • Ensure that you turn off all the burner control knobs. You can check if they are off by pushing the knobs in and turning them in a clockwise direction until they stop.
  • Turn the gas supply valve counterclockwise.
  • Strike a match stick to burn it (you can use a lighter instead). Then, control the knob to light the gas and put the match near the burner. Now, you should see a flame.
  • If none of the burners can ignite within five seconds, turn the control knobs off and wait five minutes to let the gas clear before trying again.

STAY AWARE: You must not bend over the open barbecue when starting your grill.

How To Use An Automatic Starter?

use your grill starter

Another way is to use your grill starter

Many propane grills include a push-button ignition system. Should you fail to start your grill manually, you can use its automatic starter.

Open the grill lid. You need to keep your lid closed because lighting may cause gas fumes to increase, leading to the risk of an explosion.

If you forget to open the lid while the gas is on, turn off the gas and open the lid.  You need to give the gas some minutes to dissipate, then start the process again.

  • Connect gas to your grill, if necessary. In general, we use a gas tank to provide gas to your grill. Users usually store these tanks beneath or next to the side of the grill. You should attach the gas line tightly to the gas intake and the tank.
  • Turn on the gas by turning the circular-shaped valve on the gas tank. Then, you open this valve fully and wait a few minutes for the gas to go to the grill through the line.
  • Start the grill. You can see a regulator knob on your grill’s front side. You turn it to the highest setting, allowing gas to flow to the grate.
  • Push the igniter button to ignite the inside of the grill and spark the gas.

How To Troubleshoot Your Gas Grill?

check your gas supply regularly.

It’s necessary to check your gas supply regularly

The final method is to troubleshoot your grill, which involves checking if there’s something wrong with the ignition system and fixing the problems.

You need to check the propane supply and gas lines. If your tank runs out of gas or the supply line is off, then no wonder if your grill doesn’t work.

What you need to do is refill the empty tank and turn all supply valves on. Plus, you should also check if there are any cracking, looseness, or signs of wear and tear on the gas lines. If that’s the case, it’s time to replace the faulty lines.

Check for faulty starters. The consistent usage of the starter sometimes causes failure to work.

For this case, it’s a good idea to call your service providers. They’ll help you fix it or replace the faulty starter with a new one.

You can tell when an automatic starter is no longer usable by pushing it and hearing its sound. If it makes more unusual sounds than normal, it could be a sign of insufficient work.

Inspect electrical parts, like batteries or electrical cables. These components may get loose or degrade over the long term.

You should refasten the loose electrical lines and replace any flat batteries before trying to start your propane grill again.

Sometimes, cold tanks need more time to transfer gas to the grill. Cold weather causes the tank’s internal pressure to decrease, resulting in slower gas flow or even freeze.

In such a case, you have to give the gas some time to feed through the cables when it’s cold or chilly.

What To Do If Your Gas Grill Is Spoilt?

What to do when the grill is spoilt?

What to do when the grill is spoilt?

You’ll need to replace some parts of your grill as they may wear and tear. By changing the spoilt sections, you will keep your propane grill burning hot and functional.

For reassembly, you can call a professional engineer to have every component reattached properly. Because you need to understand that you’re not a trained gas installer, so you can’t make sure nothing’s wrong with your grill-lighting process.

Besides, you can do small clean-ups, like removing the gas valves and wiping off the dust accumulating over time.


Knowing how to light a gas grill without ignitor is the ultimate skill that any diehard griller would have to learn. You don’t expect to call off your exciting party just because the ignitor doesn’t work, do you?

We’ve offered you an intricate guide on starting your propane grill safely and properly. Everything you need now is tons of meat and best friends!

Happy grilling!

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